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Design & Development

The first step in our production process is a thorough check whether your concept is feasible both technically and commercially. Our team of engineers have the experience to study the needs your concept has and the solutions our product can deliver.

After the studyphase it is time to get to the designpart of your project. Together with our team of engineers in the field we start selecting the most optimal vessel within the set of constraints your project is bounded to.

When all the decisions are made it is time to simulate the winding movement. With our own developed software called Composicad we run several possibilities of winding patterns and compare them considering the best outcome regarding the application in which your vessels will serve.

Feasibility study
Check whether your concept is feasible both technically and commercially

Liner, bosspart and laminate design
the most optimum vessel within the set con- straints

State-of-the-art Finite Element Analysis

Winding simulation
powered by Composicad

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