Testing & Certification

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Testing & Certification

Once our team of specialist has defined the way your vessels will be produced, it is time to run some tests. At Optimum CPV we run burst performance tests up to 2500 bar. But we also test the impact of environmental conditions on the vessel’s lifetime.

Our tests are applicable on EN, ISO, ECE en UN standards which makes the result very trustworthy, something we at Optimum CPV define as most important in the process of developing pressure vessels. That is also why we offer full certification programs.

Do you have your own experiments you want to conduct? No problem our team of experts is willing to run the tests you consider important for your use of the vessels.

  • Burst performance testing up
    to 2500 bar
  • Cycle testing up to 1000 liter
    @ 500 bar
  • Cycle testing up to 150 liter
    @ 1200 bar
  • Environmental testing
  • Impact testing
  • Applicable on
    EN/ISO/ECE/UN standards
  • Custom-made testing: we
    perform your experiments
  • Full certification programs

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